Our approach

We love this industry and all the aspects of it. Spending time to get to know your business and the people who power it is not only part of the job, it’s part of our passion. Our years working with different farmers, medible brands, concentrate producers and dispensaries have brought us unique insights during the most exciting time in the history of Cannabis in America.

Listening is important

We listen to you. Your business has a history that has brought you to where you are and it represents your unique voice in an increasingly loud industry. We work collaboratively to communicate your message and build your audience.

Knowledge is for sharing

We help build understanding. In the spirit of seeing our clients succeed, we offer to help analyze the results of your efforts. We love data! We will help you to understand what to look for, how you are performing and how you can take this information to grow your business.

True collaboration

We become invested in your success. Our approach does not end with the successful delivery of our work. We work with you to monitor your success and suggest ways to help keep you on track and building your business.